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Fehlermeldungen während der Startphase. 


Error_1: Message: No network available.
Meaning: The boot loader have detected a missing Ethernet link during boot. Check that the STB is connected to the network.

Error_2: Message: Could not get an IP address. 
Meaning: The boot loader don't receive a DHCP answer from the DHCP server. Check IP address configuration.

Error_3: Message: Could not download system software. 
Meaning: A data time out have occurred during software download from SAP, Infocast or TFTP. This message are shown during download retries. HTTP boot has today no retries attempts and will never display Error 3. Check boot protocol configuration.

Error_4: Message: Could not start the system software. 
Meaning: The boot loader have tried all protocols in the kernel order and all retries for each protocol. If Error 3 where displayed due to download time outs it will be overwritten by Error 4 when the download carousel is completed. Check that the software is correct. 


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