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Remote control interferences

Good morning all,

Last day we had an issue with a remote control that couldn't communicate with the STB.


After many attempts we found the issue. We realized that the power cable of the TV had a ferrite installed and that make us think. Is something like this:



A ferrite is a device (called EMI filter) that suppresses electromagnetic noise. I attach a link below that explains properly how this stuff works:


In other words, the TV’s motherboard had leaks that do electromagnetic noise (at high frequency) and that’s why the remote-STB IR link had interferences.


We checked it disconnecting the power from the TV and then the remote worked properly from the corridor! 


There are 2 ways to fix it:

1-->Change the TV because is not healthy  and could affect any electronic device around.

2--> Buy a new ferrite but it isn’t the best way and could not suppress that electromagnetic field.



Have a nice day!



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