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Multi-language .RTF Templates

 Good morning,

some customers had several problems to integrate that .RTF document on, so we decided to do a little step-guide for you.

  • .RTF file modifications

            Currently we should know that the safest program to edit any .RTF document is Libre Office Writer. It creates a valid RTF document. The link is attached below:


             -->Libre Office<--


            However, is planned to switch that RTF implementation to JS-Lib docxtemplater, which can handle .docx Word-format.

           If the form doesn't match with the language you should modify the name of the file. I mean the format should be like <FILENAME>_<LANG>.rtf. For example, if the template  is
           italian, you could rename that file as template_it.rtf.

I hope it helps you!

Best regards,



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