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Send STB messages

 Good morning,

Here we show you the steps to send STB messages over the portal. In this case we imagine that 5 end-customers don't pay the bill and we wanna advice them... :)

First of all, we login on with our username and click onto the 'Send STB Message' label.


Afterwards we add message's parameters:


  1. Here we add the customer's Subscriber code. We can add them manually or we could upload a .txt file with the following format:


  2. Here we add the STB message start time...
  3. And here the end time
  4. Then the title...
  5. ...And text
  6. How long the message will be shown on the STB
  7. If you want that the customer would be not allowed to hide the message, enable this flag, but use it with care!
  8. Finally, choose the repeat mode. Once, On STB switched or STB switched and channel switch:


      Afterwards, we send the message and will looks like this :



      Hope it helps!!

      Best regards,


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